Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nuoc Rau Ma Dau Xanh (Pennywort with Mung Bean Drink) Recipe

Nuoc Rau Ma Dau Xanh Recipe

1/2 cup Mung Bean
Pinch of Salt
Sugar *Optional

Soak 1/2 cup Mung Bean overnight or at least 4 hrs in warm water.
Rinse a few times with water.
Pour in enough water that it covers the Mung Bean 
and add in a Pinch of Salt.  Let it cook on medium heat. Once the Mung Bean has soften, remove from heat.
Let it cool completely.

Add in the cooked Mung Bean into a blender.
Add in a handful of Pennywort and about 2 cups Water. Turn on blender.

Use a strainer, strain the liquid and enjoy.
This is optional, you can add in some Sugar to your taste.

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