Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chanh Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Limes with Salt) Pickled Limes/Lemons

Chanh Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Limes with Salt)
Limes or Lemons
1-3/4 cup Sea Salt
4 cups Water
Extra Water
For Drink:
Water or Club Soda
To clean the Lime/Lemon, boil some water in a pot.  Place your Limes or Lemons on a wire ladle.  Dip in the hot water for a few seconds. 
Move it around a bit, then remove it from the water.  After you are done, wipe it was a dry paper towel. Set it aside.
You will need to place it outside in the sun for a few hours. 
It really depends on the temperature outside.  For it to turn into a brownish color, it can take 4-5 hours.
Remember to check on it. Once it has a brownish color, it is ready for the next step.
To make the salt water mixture.  In a large pot pour in 4 cups Water.  Add in 1-3/4 cup Sea Salt and bring to a boil. 
You can use other kind of salt too if you can't find Sea Salt.
Once the salt has desolved in the water.  Remove from heat and let it cool for about 15 minutes.
Stack your limes/lemons in the glass jar. Pour in the salt water mixture, make sure it covers all of the Limes/Lemons. Make more if you need to.
Use a plastic cover to help push it down.  Cover the lid and let it preserve for at least 1 month. 
After 1 month, it should look something like this. 
A popular way to use these preserved Limes is to make Nuoc Chanh Muoi, which is Salty Lemonade.
Have a glass with some ice in it.  Take 1 lime/lemon.  Put it in the glass and smash it with your spoon.
Add in sugar to your taste.  Then pour some water or club soda.  Mix well and enjoy this refreshing drink made from Preserved Limes and Salt.

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