Sunday, June 26, 2016

Che Thai Recipe Vietnamese Dessert

Coconut Agar Ingredients
3 cups Coconut Water
2 tsp. Agar Agar
Sugar to taste
1/2 tsp. Vanilla Sugar or Extract

Other Ingredients
1 cup Jackfruits
2 cups Longans
1 cup Grass Jelly
2 cups Palm Seeds in Syrup
2 cups Whole Milk
1 cup Cream Milk

In a small pot, add in 3 cups Coconut Water, Sugar to taste, 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Sugar or Extract and 2 tsp. Agar Agar Powder.
Cook on medium heat, when Sugar dissolved, pour into container and let it set.
When it has set, cut into strips and set aside.

If you're using can fruits rinse and set aside.  If you're using fresh fruits, peel and set aside.
Cut the Jackfruit into strips and the Grass Jelly.

When you're done, it's time to assemble.  Place all the jelly and fruits in a bowl.  Pour in 2 cups Whole Milk and 1 cup Cream Milk.
Mix and serve with ice.

Enjoy this quick and easy dessert!

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