Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vietnamese Corn Pudding (Che Bap)

Vietnamese Corn Pudding (Che Bap)

Corn Pudding
2-3 Corn (thinly sliced corn kernels)
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Sweet Rice
2 1/2 cups Water (add more as needed)
1 tbs Vanilla Extract

Step 1
You will need about 2-3 corn that has been cooked. Thinly Shave the corn kernels.

Step 2
Rinse the Sweet Rice about two times. 
Add 2 1/2 cups water and wait for it to boil.  Remember to constantly stir it to prevent it from burning on the bottom.

Step 3
Add in 1 cup Sugar.  Remember to continue to stir.
When the sweet rice has expand and has a clear color add in the corn kernels and mix.
Add in 1 tbs Vanilla Extract.

Step 4
Mix until it has a pasty texture.  If you don't like your pudding to be so thick you can add more water.

Coconut Sauce
1 cup Coconut Milk
pinch of Salt
3 tsp Sugar

Coconut Sauce
Put 1 cup Coconut Milk in sauce pan.  Add a pinch of salt and 3 tsp Sugar. Mix using low heat.
To serve put some corn pudding in a small bowl and pour some coconut sauce on top. 

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  1. Corn isn't my favourite veggie, unless its corn on the cob, but this does sound tasty :)