Friday, June 5, 2015

Grass Jelly Drink with Thai Basil Seed Recipe (Nuoc Suong Sao Hot E)

Grass Jelly Drink with Thai Basil Seed Recipe (Nuoc Suong Sao Hot E)

Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly Black 1 package 50g
5 cups Water

Grass Jelly White 1 package 50g
6 cups Water

Drink Ingredients:
2 cups Water
Grass Jelly
Rock Sugar (to taste)
1 Tbsp. Thai Basil Seeds
1-2 Pandan Leaves

In a sauce pan, add in 5 cups water and 50g of Grass Jelly Powder.
Using medium heat, stir until it starts to thickens.  Once it's smooth with no lumps. Pour into your molds.
Set aside and let it set.

Next is the White Grass Jelly. In a sauce pan add in 6 cups of Water and 50g of White Grass Jelly Powder.
Again using medium heat stir until smooth. Then pour into mold, set aside to let it set.

Chill it in the fridge for at least an 1 before using.

To make the drink you will need 2 cups of Water, Grass Jelly, some Rock Sugar (you can also use white sugar or honey),
1 Tbsp. Thai Basil Seeds and 1-2 Pandan Leaves tie into a knot.

In a sauce pan add in 2 cups of Water.  Using medium heat add in the Rock Sugar to your taste.
Wait for it to melt.  Add in the Pandan Leaves and 1 Tbsp. Thai Basil Seeds.
Once the seeds is clear with a black dot in the middle remove from heat and let it cool completely.

Using a hand held blender, add some Grass Jelly into a glass and pulse it 1-2 times.
This will break the Grass Jelly into small pieces. You can also use a spoon instead of a blender.

Once the mixture has cool down, pour it in with the Grass Jelly. Mix and chill in the fridge.  Pour into a glass and serve.  You can add ice if you would like.
Enjoy this easy and refreshing Grass Jelly drink.

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