Friday, July 11, 2014

Beer Steamed Blue Crabs (Ghe Hap Bia)

Beer Steamed Blue Crabs (Ghe Hap Bia)

Blue Crabs
Black Pepper
Hot Chili Pepper

Beer Steamed Blue Crabs, Ghe Hap Bia is a very simple dish that is great to make during crab season. 
Steaming the crabs using beer helps give the crab more delicious flavor.
You will need some Fresh Blue Crabs and Beer. To begin you will need to rinse and clean the Blue Crabs.
 Fill your steamer with Beer, make sure it's room temperature. 
Steam the Blue Crabs until cooked.
When it is done, remove from steamer.  Place on a large plate.
To make the dipping sauce you will need Salt, Lime Juice, Black Pepper, and Hot Chili Pepper.
You can dip it in Muoi Ot, which is Salted Hot Chili Pepper. 
Or Muoi Tieu Chanh, which is Salt mix with Black Pepper and Lime Juice.
To serve, crack the crabs, dip and enjoy.

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